About Us

Founded in 2011, Kelaisite is a global professional manufacturer of electornic measurement and weighing scale. The balance weighing market and technology have always been trusted by customers. We have many patents to strengthen our company research and development system, become an enterprise with international competition. Kelaisite takes the research design and the technology of the high precision electronic balance and industry automatic control system as the core of enterprise development, supplies the complete measurement and weighing solutions to our customers. Provide various precision instruments and services for our global customers, the value chain for researching, quality control, production and logistics and so on application.

Looking back to the company’s growth process, we always integrated more market demands by constantly developing new functions, new styles and new strategies on the basis of stable development. We have survived various stages of market elimination and financial crisis. Especially in 2014, our company cooperated with Taiwan HD Electronic Technology company, and jointly developed the KELAISITE brand products, including the magnetic balance, electronic balance, digital weighing scale, digital counting scale, waterproof scale, kitchen scales and other series products. Scales with LCD or LED display, fast response speed, weighing stable, low power consumption, high accuracy etc., it can be connected with printer or other external equipment.

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