Eight advantages of Huake balance

1. Completely updated electronic circuits and software, with functions far superior to the previous generation of balances.

2. The latest streamlined body design has a novel appearance and is easier to install and clean.

3. The electronic balance adopts the upper and lower shockproof system to protect the sensor, which has excellent shock resistance and ensures the balance has the best weighing performance.

4. Through the communication interface (AL standard, PL-S option), it can be connected with peripheral devices such as printers and computers, and print out detailed data reports, etc., so that the weighing work meets the GLP standard

5. Huake electronic balance adopts advanced plastic material, which has the characteristics of high strength, high flexibility and light weight, and the structure is flexible and firm.

6. The unique plastic protective cover makes the balance better resistant to dust, moisture, corrosion and other hazards, so as to adapt to various harsh environments.

7. Huake electronic balance has a large weighing pan, a large and clear display screen and a new operation keyboard layout, which is in line with ergonomic principles, making the operation more comfortable and convenient.

8. The unique mobile phone-style battery power indicator is easy to understand the battery power, charge it in time, and protect the battery.

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