Merchants to join

1、加盟者须上具有合法的公民或企业组织。1. The franchisee must have a legal citizen or business organization.

2. The franchisees have a good spirit of cooperation, diligence and pragmatism, honesty and trustworthiness.

3. The franchisee must have the corresponding investment ability.

4. Agree with the business philosophy and business management model, and obey the management of the chain headquarters.

Headquarters support:

Provide a strict market protection system;
Provide meticulous after-sales service for customers at all levels;
Provide technical, sales training, etc.;
The company will provide qualified products and related qualifications;
Provide promotional color pages and product knowledge literature;
Equipped with a professional product manager team to provide technical service support, and set up a sales support department to provide professional after-sales service;
Assist clients in bidding;

Professional network publicity support;
Provide a reasonable return guarantee system to ensure zero risk of dealer cooperation;
Provide a complete and convenient delivery process, fast and accurate logistics and distribution services.
Join Contact:

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